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barebones Monza18 - Handwired All-Valve Guitar Amplifier - FREE UK SHIPPING

barebones Monza18 - Handwired All-Valve Guitar Amplifier - FREE UK SHIPPING

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barebones Monza18 - Handwired All-Valve Guitar Amplifier

4 Channel 18Watt Class AB with Celestion 12" Greenback

Perfect for Studio and Stage, the barebones Monza18 offers four channels of pure valve tone and full command of your sound
​Featuring a trio of 12AX7 preamp valves, a pair of EL84 output valves and speakers by none other than Celestion, whose speakers drive some of the best amps ever built
​The barebones Monza18 offers 4-channel operation selectable via the front panel or the supplied footswitch -

  • ​Clean
  • ​Clean + Boost
  • Lead
  • Lead + Boost

The 'Clean' channel offers the purist of valve tones. A single 'Tone' control and 'Volume' control feed directly to the output stage featuring EL84 output valves driving the British made push-pull Output Transformer
Add the 'Boost' to the 'Clean' channel to find some of the most iconic valve tones ever produced
The 'Lead' channel offers full command of your sound - tailor your sound with full 'Bass', 'Middle' and 'Treble' controls. 'Gain' takes your sound from beautiful single-coil tones reminiscent of the 60's right through to thick humbucker distortion for solos, power chords and a driving rhythm. ​The master 'Volume' allows the barebones Monza18 to really start cooking. Tones that instantly transport you to The Crossroads, Stairway to Heaven or a Highway to Hell...
​The barebones Monza18 features Celestion's legendary 12" Greenback speaker in an 18mm open-backed cabinet
​Close mic'd, the barebones Monza18 provides crystal clear tones which sound like they are straight from the records you listen to everyday. This is no surprise as the barebones Monza18 are built using traditional methods with quality components throughout. Not a stone has been left unturned in search for the ultimate tone
We have striven to produce the finest amplifier possible, mixing the best of vintage design with the best modern reliability. An amplifier we hope you'll be proud to own; an amplifier which will serve you well for many years to come

Technical Spec

  • Class AB all-valve amplifier
  • Handwired in the UK
  • British built transformers
  • Output, 18W (approx.)
  • Pre-amp, 3 x ElectroHarmonix or JJ 12AX7
  • Power-amp, 2 x ElectroHarmonix EL84
  • Front Panel, Tone, Clean Volume, Channel Selection, Boost, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Lead Volume, Stand-By, Lamp, Power
  • Rear Panel, IEC Power socket, Speaker Out 8Ω & 16Ω, Footswitch socket
  • Cabinet, 18mm open-back
  • Speaker, Celestion 12" G12M Greenback
  • Size, 569.8 x 474 x 249.5mm
  • Weight, 17.1kg

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